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environment300x249It is widely accepted now that noise is considered a form of environmental pollution – and organisations are becoming more committed to putting measures in place to reduce noise and the negative impact it has on the public and on their own employees.

Not only can excessive noise be unpleasant, it is also believed to have a direct link to cardiovascular problems, a rise in blood pressure, and an increase in stress.

The Echo Barrier range of temporary acoustic barriers is a cost effective and simple noise control solution for organisations dealing with noise complaints as a result of their business undertakings.

Echo Barriers are easy to install, can be used on a variety of applications and offer an aesthetically pleasing addition to works sites, providing organisations with a practical solution to minimising noise complaints and improving environmental performance.

Our noise control systems increase sound absorption from busy events, construction and work sites. Barriers literally soak up sound around them rather than reflecting it, attenuating noise by 10 – 20dB for typical applications.

Echo Barrier was recently awarded the Quietmark, which is a validated mark of approval from the Noise Abatement Society:


At an awards ceremony at the Houses of Parliament, our noise barriers were recognised with an award from the Institute of Acoustics for innovative products that reduce noise pollution in the environment.

We are also currently working towards the British Standard ISO 14001 environmental quality management system, to ensure that we are doing our bit, as a business, in protecting the environment around us.

Recycling and Disposal

Echo Barrier places its responsibilities towards the environment very highly.

As such, we work hard to ensure we minimise our carbon footprint and a key aspect of this are the procedures we have put in place to recycle and dispose of responsibly our products that are returned to us as and when they come to the end of their serviceable life.

For units we sell to customers, we offer a buy back policy. All units returned to us are broken down and either recycled or disposed of in line with strict guidance provided by the Carbon Footprint.

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