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ConstructionConstruction sites are well known for their high noise levels. Our temporary acoustic barriers are easily fitted to metal fencing or scaffolding structures to reduce both transmitted and reflected sound, significantly reducing the noise emitted from construction sites – typically by 90 – 97%.

Echo Barrier’s 30 years of experience in noise mitigation means that we truly understand the requirements for every contractor when it comes to establishing their worksite and delivering their works.

We know how vital it is in today’s complaint culture to minimise noise and disruption for neighbouring businesses and residents, and we also understand better than most how imperative it is that deadlines are met, and that construction over-runs mean a high financial cost.

Our barriers are designed to ensure:

  • Very rapid deployments on construction sites
  • Noise reduction is significant
  • Working hours can be extended
  • Contractors can benefit from their own branding on the centre of the barriers

At any time, our noise control system can be seen in use at some of the major building projects in the busiest of cities throughout the world, where it provides best practise in noise reduction close to hospitals, schools, offices, the general public, residential homes and other noise-sensitive locations.

Although a UK innovation, our barriers have played a significant part in managing and controlling environmental noise for projects worldwide. These include the regeneration of the world trade centre site in the United States, the Sydney suburban rail network in Australia, as well as being used to reduce construction noise at several London 2012 Olympic venues. You can read more about the involvement of Echo Barrier with these projects and others in our news section.

The Echo Barrier H-Series is designed for quick and easy installation, and is aimed at sites where it is important to reduce noise levels and maintain good community relations, such as in residential and public locations.

Barriers are lightweight and as such easy to transport and install. Furthermore, they are waterproof and can be designed to include the logo of the contracting organisation, helping to make sites more aesthetically pleasing and offer a high profile marketing opportunity for your brand. Their flexibility also means that they can be configured to suit all types of fencing and scaffolding.

If you have a construction project to plan for or to implement, please call your nearest Echo Barrier office today on + 971 4 331 0000 or e-mail us for more information on how to hire or purchase these noise barriers to be part of your project itinerary.