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EventsNoise from events can be a major problem for residents in the surrounding area. Echo Barriers are increasingly being used as temporary acoustic barriers to mitigate noise from music, sporting and other events.

From the Rolling Stones to Justin Timberlake, musical artists are known for not only attracting vast crowds, but occasionally, for complaints about noise levels at concerts, which are subject to stringent noise pollution regulations.

Concert organisers have often faced with the requirement to meet tight noise limits as part of the event licence. They also have to try to minimise noise complaints by working with councils and local residents.

Echo Barrier recognise the inconvenience this potential clash causes via the poor community relations it can create. We have more than 30 years of experience in working with clients to create an intelligent noise management system for use at the site of any concert or high footfall public event. Our patented noise control system technology not only reduces the noise travelling off-site, but is also demonstrating that the event organisers are taking a responsible and community conscious approach by implementing best practice to minimise the impact of noise on local residents.

Those that have used Echo Barriers include Reading Pride, the Arundel Festival and the Eastern Electrics Festival all in London, UK as well as the Caloundra Music Festival in the heart of Australia.  More information on these and other events can be found in our news section.

The Echo Barrier H series of acoustic barriers are simple to install, lightweight and easy to transport.  This makes them an obvious choice when the potential for problems caused by noise from an event has to be kept to a minimum and the noise specifications in the event licence have to be met:-

Benefits to the event organiser include

  • Improving concert sound quality by minimising sound reflections
  • Minimising noise from nearby stages which might affect main performers
  • Extension of event operational hours
  • Increased flexibility of site layout
  • Minimisation of complaints and enhancement of company reputation
  • Control of sight-lines as well as noise
  • Company branding and image

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