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The following accessories are available for use with all Echo Barrier systems. Purpose designed and hard wearing, Echo Barrier accessories make installation quick and simple whilst also protecting from theft.

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Rugged design to securely attach Echo Barrier products to most temporary fencing systems.

Note: hooks can be reversed for use with smaller diameter fencing. Attach multiple barriers to one hook

Elastic ties

Designed to rapidly secure barriers in place, ensuring they are straightened out across the fencing they are attached to so there is no acoustic leakage.

Fitting kits

One kit required per barrier, providing two elastic ties and one hook (each hook hangs the adjoining corners of two barriers).

Anti-theft cable

Vinyl covered multi-strand cable with loops at each end to weave through barrier eyes and the fence. Use with padlock. One 11ft cable secures up to 3 H2 barriers or a 23ft cable secures 6 H2 barriers.

Vertical Fitting Kit

Vertical Fitting Kit

NEW! Vertical Fitting Kits to hang barriers together freely over large vertical spaces in a secure manner. This kit allows Echo Barriers to be fitted in unimaginably varied spaces. Perfect for the challenges of noise on grand architectural projects and the like.